Acquisition of the complex

For acquisition of the diagnostic complex it is necessary for trainees to meet the following requirements:

  • To have a professional degree in such spheres as psychology, medicine, pedagogy. Degrees in other spheres are possible too but in agreement with the method’s author;
  • To complete theoretical and practical training course of working with the diagnostic complex under supervision of the method’s author;
  • To have proper psychological qualities that provides successful work with the techniques and the diagnostic complex.

The cost of the diagnostic complex "Crystal" includes:
1. the cost of the device "crystal" - 15,000 RUB
2. the cost of a simple (non-exclusive) license to use the "Crystal" software package (ver.6.0), which depends on the territory of use (tariff zone).

license Price list
Tariff zone "of the Russian Federation" 30000 RUB
Tariff zone "NG" 37500 RUB
Tariff zone "EUROPE" 52500 RUB
Tariff zone "WORLD" 60000 RUB

Get acquainted with the tariff zones and countries in them, you can here.

Thus, the cost of the diagnostic complex "crystal" (device + license ) for persons planning to use it only in the territory of the Russian Federation, will be 45,000 RUB.

For those who want to change later the territory of use of the diagnostic complex "Crystal", the procedure of transition to other tariff zone is provided.
The cost of transition paid. Transition conditions and prices are here.

  • the purchased license will need to be renewed periodically.
  • provides for an extension period of 6 months or 12 months.
  • during the term of the license agreement all software updates, version changes and technical support are free of charge.
  • to work with the program it is necessary to periodically connect the computer to the Internet.

Price list of licenses extending the validity of the license agreement.

Tariff zone "RF"
6 months 2500 RUB
12 months 4800 RUB
Tariff zone " NG "
6 months 3125 RUB
12 months 5940 RUB
Tariff zone "EUROPE"
6 months 4380 RUB
12 months 8320 RUB
Tariff zone "WORLD"
6 months 5000 RUB
12 months 9500 RUB

The cost of training one specialist is 18,000 RUB.

You can find out the detailed information about the method, complex and terms of acquisition:
By phone +7 (495) 510-08-82 or
by e-mail