Testing methodology

Electro-puncture testing technique "Crystal"

  • is designed for rapid assessment of psychophysiological state and level of personality development;
  • helps a person to understand the true causes of his trouble and to eliminate them in a natural way;
  • focuses on self-knowledge and self-development;
  • helps the specialist to develop a set of corrective measures of psychological and pedagogical orientation and to evaluate their effectiveness at all stages of implementation.

The technique can be used to improve the efficiency and quality of practical psychologists, medical and social workers, teachers and specialists of personnel services.

Description of the method

24 biologically active points (BAP) of bel-meridians that are on the fingers are used for the diagnostics. These points were founded by Professor Pak Ji Voo (Korea). The essence of the method lies in measuring electrical conductivity of skin integument zones being the projection of biologically active points during 5-10 minutes and in the computer processing of measuring results.

Results of the examination

1. Functional state of energy meridians

Electroconductivity benchmarks are defined for every meridian and deviation from these benchmarks indicates the functional disturbances in the system of meridians. According to the direction and degree of this deviation we can evaluate the nature and intensity of pathological processes and primary and secondary disturbances.

2. Functional state of body systems, organs and endocrine gland.

The functional state of organs, endocrine gland and all main body systems is estimated in the visual-dynamic mode. Pathological deviations and probable causes of these deviations on psycho-emotional level are identified.

3. Functional state of articulations and spine

Functional state of articulations and spine is estimated in the visual-dynamic mode. Pathological deviations and probable psychological causes of these deviations are identified.

4. Biological age.

1. The biological age of the whole organism and its separate systems is determined
2. The rate of age-related changes is determined for each system
3. A comparative analysis of the calendar and biological age is provided.

5. Cognitive sphere and psychological characteristics of personality.

Cognitive sphere:

  • coefficient of consciousness as person's ability to understand clearly and completely (thinking), to feel (feelings) and to accept current events and processes;
  • the rate of mental processes;
  • coefficient of intellectual activity;
  • coefficient of creative activity;
  • coefficient of abilities.

    Psychological characteristics:

  • the level of stress;
  • propensity for aggression;
  • propensity for passion;
  • propensity for depression;
  • psychotype on the typology K.G. Jung;
  • possible reasons of mental stress and functional abnormalities in the meridian system.

    6. Vocational guidance:

  • potential strengths of personality, abilities, propensities, interests;
  • recommended types of activity and professions;
  • auspicious factors of professional advancement.

    7 .Evaluation of consciousness and subconsciousness.

    The analysis of images enables to determine the level of disclosing of consciousness spheres (thinking, feeling, volition) and their role in the process of perception and processing of reality. Clear consciousness is the indicator of complex vision of reality and of ability to reproduce subconscious (superconscious) information.

    8. Estimation of activity of Energy Informational Centers.

    The perception and processing of Energy Informational streams and their transfer through the network of energy meridians to each organism cell proceeds with the help of Energy Informational Centers. The analysis of activity indicators of Energy Informational Centers enables to evaluate the direction and the level of personality development in different spheres (ideas, knowledge, plans, etc).

    9. Information and energy field.

    3D-model of the information and energy field of man.
    All deformations of the external contour of the field have internal causes and depend on the state of the person, the work of his energy centers.
      Depending on the angle in question, these reasons will have their own specifics.

    Energy field in the cut.
    The spectral color of the field and darkening along its edge (the buffer zone of the subconscious) depend on the internal state of a person and the activities of energy centers: directionality and speed of rotation, the amount of information processed in them.

    Energy field in the cut.
    Integral color reflects the general internal state of a person, the level of his spiritual and mental maturity.
    Each person has its own integral color.

    The diagram of the horizontal slice of the human field at the level of the energy center, which has the largest buffer zone (the gap between the lines).
    Ideally, they should be connected.

    Comparative analysis of the energy field in the context of the same person before and after psychological counseling.

    According to the results of the examination, the specialist provides specific recommendations that can be extremely useful in the process of self-knowledge, discovering the spiritual and creative potential and in search of their harmonious development.

    Duration of the consultation is 50-60 minutes.

    The examination result is supplied with a detailed description of psychophysiological portrait handed out in a printed or electronic format.