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Open days

Open Days are held in our Center.

Open Day Program:

  • presentation of the diagnostic complex "Crystal",
  • visual testing of one of the participants,
  • Speech by practitioners,
  • lecture by the author of the method.

    For all participants discounts for testing, on the training course.
    Prizes will be raffled.

    Do not miss the opportunity to visit the creative atmosphere of your like-minded people, find answers to your questions.

    The date of the next Open Day will be announced later. Follow our news.

    The Open Day was held on October 15, 2017.

    At the beginning, the author of the method Strelnikov A.N. with the presentation of the diagnostic complex "Crystal". On it, the author spoke about the essence of his method, his capabilities, the composition of the diagnostic complex and showed interesting examples from his practice.

    All participants of the event listened attentively to the speaker and almost no one was distracted.

    The author of the method conducted ostentatious testing. There were many people who wanted to be tested, but only one participant of the event, Anna, was lucky. Then its results were analyzed. Anna was pleased with her performance.

    During the break, guests drank tea and asked questions to the author of the method, A. N. Strelnikov.

    Then practitioners of the Center spoke.

    Alena Kovsaryova told about the experiment, which was conducted in the bath complex. With the help of the Kristall complex, a group of people in the bath was surveyed. According to the results of testing, it was revealed how a favorable environment of the existing team influenced the state of its new member in a state of high anxiety.

    Anna Sivacheva, clinical psychologist, aromatherapist, told how she uses the Kristall diagnostic complex in her practice. The results of the psycho-emotional state of a person before and after the use of aromatherapy were shown.

    Marina Lanskaya introduced students to face gymnastics. She told how the Kristall complex helps her to see changes in the psychoemotional state after applying the exercises. Marina invited all participants to try several exercises from the gymnastic complex. Everyone in the room responded happily.

    Sergei Mikhailovich Myagkih shared his experience. He conducts a wellness massage and told how the Crystal complex helps him see the effectiveness of his procedures.

    Lecture of the author of the method of AN Strelnikov "The threefold nature of the inner world of man. The path to spiritual vision."

    Photo on the memory of the Open Day at the Center "Crystal"