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Svetlana S. 30 years old
Thank you so much for developing this program.
You help people to gain not only self-confidence, but also to outline positive guidelines for the future — what can change!

Julia S. 28 years old
Thank you very much! I am sincerely grateful to you for your knowledge and what you are doing! I especially thank you for the acquaintance and discovery of such a wonderful technique in my life. After yesterday's diagnostics, it seemed as though I had some changes - there was even more energy ... peace of mind ...

Elena M. 56 years old
I want to say a big thank you for testing "Crystal"!
Like many people, I was worried about health problems. For a long time I could not understand the reasons for my sores, I thought that if I took a lot of expensive drugs, I would certainly get better and stop being ill. As a result, I treated one thing, then the other and could not understand in any way that the organism should be treated as a whole and treated as a whole. And besides this, along with the body, purify the thoughts of everything that hinders keeping the soul clean and healthy. I am very glad that you helped me. I will come to the diagnosis. I hope my next diagnosis will be better, I'm working on myself.

Ivan T. 34 years old
For me it has always been a mystery how you can learn about human health without testing. Moreover, I believed that only official medicine can give answers to questions about health. Passed testing by the author of the method, I confess, for the sake of curiosity. And I could not believe my eyes. Before me was a complete picture. Of course, testing does not cancel either cardiograms or X-rays, but it gives direction what to see, what to pay attention to, to which specialist to turn to. As a man, recognizing only official medicine, was surprised. Thank! I will come again.

Tatiana Nikolaevna, 42 years old.
I thank the author of "Crystal" Alexander Nikolaevich for his method. I was tested at the office in Lubyanka, there is a very nice atmosphere, good attitude. After passing the test, I have been working on myself for a month, realizing that I just need it. I also read the news from Kristall and I am going to meet with AN. Strelnikov, when it will be organized next time.

Olga, 42 years old.
Several months I did not know how to be with my poor health. I just did not know how to start change it. After passing diagnostics "Crystal" my mind appeared clear. It became clear in which direction I have to move to start the recovery. I'm just happy that there is such a technique.

Anna K. 27 years old
About a year ago, I began, as they say, "to look for myself." Before that, it seemed to me that I was not too smart, not educated enough, so I have no interesting work, and besides, I thought that I did not know how to maintain relationships with people, I don’t like people at all. It really upset me. Having started to understand the reasons, I realized that it is important to understand what I know well, know how and what I am ready to do to realize my potential. Testing "Crystal" helped me with the choice of profession. Previously, I was simply afraid that in a new place I would fail. Now I work, everything suits me completely, moreover, I have friends. Thank you, Crystal! Thank you, Alexander Nikolaevich!

Oleg D. 34 years old
I did not know about testing "Crystal" until last month, although I am interested in such things. Once in a conversation a friend mentioned that he sometimes undergoes diagnostics, and advised me to go too. As I understand it, it is based on acupuncture, that is, the physical and mental state is determined by the points on the arm. The system is simple and logical, after passing the diagnosis, the operator explains the results obtained, answers questions. I believe that this is one of the ways to learn more about yourself and about your capabilities.

Elena Z. 25 years old
I read news in your group in contact, I subscribed to them a few months ago and am very glad that I found you. Most of all I like all sorts of interesting stories of people who themselves have changed their lives and have achieved success by their own work, these posts inspire, make you think and show what a person is capable of. I also like thematic diversity, you can always find something of interest at the moment; if the mood is serious and calm, then I read philosophical topics, if it was a tough day, then you can always find something easy - read about spices, for example. I like! Thank!

Tatyana O. 28 years old
Due to the fact that I have tested the “Crystal” several times with the author of the method A.N. Strelnikova and talked with him about the results, I managed to let go of the old offense, which prevented me from enjoying life and, as I understand it, harmed my health. Of course, besides testing, it was a lot of work on yourself. But I began to understand that I was carrying an unnecessary burden, precisely after the diagnosis. I had anxiety, I could disrupt discontent with loved ones. Now I have become more attentive to my emotions. Previously, it seemed to me that the same offense is such a way to isolate oneself from the problem, now I try to let it off as quickly as possible, having drawn conclusions. Alexander Nikolaevich! Thanks for testing and for your kind advice.

Vera, 38 years old.
"Crystal" was my guide in the world of health. Thank you very much indeed!

Svetlana N. 42 years old
Testing "Crystal" was an important discovery for me. Even before I started testing, I read a lot and thought about mental health. It seemed to me interesting that testing also shows how a person develops spiritually. I do not want to say that the physical condition does not matter, it’s just that if a person has something to hurt, he usually feels it. But does the soul develop? Who can say? The man himself is unlikely, often people are subjective towards themselves, I am subjective and I understand that. The doctor will not tell about the soul. A confessor can give advice on the direction in which a person should move, but I am not religious, for example, I have no confessor. In a word, it is important for me that I can see what is happening - whether I stopped or, on the contrary, began to move.

Natalya, 51 years old.
At my birthday my children gave me a opportunity to make diagnosis "Crystal" in the centre "White Clouds" (“Belye Oblaka”). At first I could not decide, but then still chose the day and went to the diagnosis. I'm very glad that I had the opportunity, I have learned a lot about myself, I saw the new ways of development for myself. Thank you.

Vladimir V. 29 years old
I will say right away that I am an Orthodox Christian, so I approach very carefully any new information for me. Having read about the Crystal on the site, I did not find anything that could contradict Orthodoxy, so I decided to get tested. With regard to physical health, testing confirmed the problems that I already knew about, and, in addition to them, pointed out some spiritual wormholes. The saints with their experience teach us to take everything that happens on the path of life, for me the diagnosis was a discovery that went to my benefit. I think testing helps seekers find peace with their soul. I thank the author of the methodology for its development and I wish him further prosperity.

Peter K. 29 years old
Testing "Crystal" made me think about my own lifestyle and how I think. It turns out that even troubles must be met openly and joyfully, because it is they who lead us to a higher level of self-understanding. I want to say that this is not easy to learn, sometimes there is aversion to what happened, sometimes distrust interferes, but difficulties are a sure way to become better. Clearly, I have not changed everything in everything, but, for example, I began to perceive diseases not as a punishment from above, but as a purification, this is a big step forward for me.

Catherine G. 32 years old
I met Kristall about a year ago when I was searching for information on the Internet and found a group in the Vkontakte social network, from there I followed the link to the site. I was impressed by the read on the site, before that I did not know that you could do testing and find out about your health and about the state of your energy centers. Interested, I signed up for testing and passed it. The results were not very good, although I thought it would be better. Guided by the advice of diagnosis, I tried not to get annoyed for no reason, not to run away from making decisions at a crucial moment, fearing failure. I also continued to read articles published by Crystal, and as a result, I stopped being afraid to do anything without looking at the opinions of others. The fear that shackled me and did not allow me to move forward practically left me. My second diagnosis was much better, I am glad that I saw the results of my efforts. Thank you very much!

Mikhail, 35 years old.
"Crystal" is very unusual diagnosis. It helps to know not only about the health but also about the spiritual development. Today in the world we have really high-tech in medicine, a lot of attention paid to the health (and that's fine), but sometimes it seems that the soul and the spiritual advancement of man were forgotten. Thanks "Crystal", it have possibility to remind that the man has not only the hands and feet, but also the mind, emotions, will, soul and spirit.

Zinaida F., 53 years old
There was a great loss in my life - the death of my own dear person. And I had absolutely no idea how to get out of depression. I did not recognize myself, everything fell out of my hands, I had no strength.
At first I read articles of interest to me in the group “Crystal” on Facebook, mostly biographies, examples from people's lives. Then I thought that diagnostics could help me out of my condition. I was tested, although I understood that the results can be disappointing, because I seemed to stop developing, abandoned to learn languages, read three books a week, stopped communicating with numerous acquaintances. In fact, everything turned out to be much better than I thought. The test results were a few tips that I followed.
My loss stopped a huge information stream, in the whirlpool of which I lived. Now I understand that everything that happened went to my advantage. I learned to accept the inevitable, and today the memories of the death of a loved one do not drive me into depression and despondency. My solitude was also a plus, all the “extra” people who never, as it turned out, were close to me, left, only those who supported me all this time and gave me time so that I could come to my senses, recover after I want to thank the creator of the diagnostic complex "Crystal" for the unique invention that helped me so much and which, I am quite sure of it, can help many more.

Maria V., 39 years old.
Thanks for testing! I received answers to many of my questions regarding health and mental balance. I want to say that the diagnosis of "Crystal" is not just information, but a vector of action, that is, the results must be worked through, working on their shortcomings. Of course, this is not for the lazy. But, I think, every person seeks to grow, but for the sake of it you can try.

Svetlana L. 30 years old
I would like to thank the creator and developer of the Kristall complex, who helped me understand the features of my psycho type. I thought that the psycho is something far-fetched and was sure that if you want, you can learn everything and, if necessary, endure everything. For the past few years I have simply “broken” myself, trying to make myself an extrovert, this was due to the peculiarities of my work. Of course, the work gave me satisfaction, because it brought the means for life, I was going through career, but my physical and mental health suffered very much.
After reviewing the test results, I began to read more about psycho-types and realized that many of my health problems stem from a wrong attitude towards myself.
Now I work in the same company, but in another department, I have enough money for life, again there is an opportunity for career growth, but now I am happy to go to work, I like it, I don’t need to endure anything! I feel happy about it.

Catherine M. 45 years old
Thanks A.N. Strelnikov, author of the method “Crystal. Diagnosis of health ", for his invention. After passing the diagnosis, I became more attentive to my health. I think that a lot of people live in the same way as I lived - work-home-work, and if something gets sick, then a pill or two is taken, and there is no time to go to the doctor. When I saw, according to the results of diagnostics, how many problems may arise due to simple and daily neglect of my health, I changed my daily routine, began to do gymnastics, limited sweets and fried food, began to listen to my body. This is a new stage for me, sometimes it is hard to refuse such a pleasure as a cake, but I know that now I began to feel much better. And look, too, and it is so important for every woman.

Maria, 23.
I am a very emotional person, and sometimes it's difficult to control your emotions, so, sometimes, I spoil relations even with those people whom I truly love. With diagnosis "Crystal" I realized the cause of the emotional outbursts, and now it's easier to control myself. My relationships with family become smooth and calm. Thank you.

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